Recent RoughRiders Appearances

* For player appearances contact Tammy Carlson at or call (319) 247-0340 for details.


RoughRiders and local Veterans

RoughRiders' Justin Cole and David Nemecek along with Corporate Partnership Director, Mark Meyer deliver food raised from our Veterans Appreciation Game November 7th.  Food raised went to the Linn County Veterans Charity Fund.  


RoughRiders having fun at Adults with Disabilities

Tyler Irvine, Mitch Reinke, Ben Foley and Ross Colton spend some time with friends at Adults with Disabilities during their "Rescue Day Hab".  Contact Tammy Carlson at 319-247-0340 x 113 to have the players, Ricochet or even Head Coach Mark Carlson join your special event.  


RoughRiders hand out candy at Safe Halloween in Ushers Ferry

The RoughRiders team participated in the Safe Halloween Event in Ushers Ferry recently, handing out candy to kids while trick or treating in safe atmosphere.  A great time was had by all and the team even made some new fans!!  


Ricochet out and about in the Community

Ricochet participated this year in the Families Helping Families of Iowa SuperHero Walk in October 2015.  Ricochet makes appearances at events, schools, organizations as well as birthday parties.  Just email Tammy Carlson at for more information.  

Contact Tammy Carlson at or call (319) 247-0340 for details.

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